We encourage suppliers to offer options or solutions that, in a novel or innovative way, contribute to our ability to carry our business in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. These may be functional, performance and technical advantages, or opportunities for better commercial arrangements.

How to become a supplier for goods and services

We rely on our suppliers to deliver excellence. We expect our suppliers to share our goal of world-class customer service to create a win-win working relationship.

Suppliers are selected on the basis of overall value for money. Whilst price is important, we’ll always consider non-price factors such as:
  • quality
  • reliability
  • safety
  • timely delivery 
  • after sales support
  • insurance and risk
  • compliance to MCEC terms and conditions of participation and relevant contract.
Potential suppliers must demonstrate their financial, commercial and technical capability to fully meet any contractual requirements. 

We also look for a clear demonstration of commitment to:
  • equal opportunities in employment
  • compliance to relevant legislation
  • training of staff
  • environmental issues
  • occupational health and safety
  • corporate governance 
  • social responsibilities
  • Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) (food safety) and other food legislative requirements.

Ensuring the best outcome

To achieve the best fit and outcome, we adopt a number of processes, including effective sourcing.

This comprises of a number of steps from project scoping through to contract. Procurement works with all departments across our business to:
  • leverage our purchasing power
  • continuously improve purchasing processes and control
  • ensure compliance with our procurement policy
  • lead collaboration with divisions for better management of key suppliers 
  • provide better and timely management information.

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