Set for completion in mid 2018, construction is currently taking place next to the Exhibition Centre and the Convention Centre, over the previous DFO South Wharf car park. However, as we are not significantly demolishing any of our existing structures, we expect minimal disruption during the build.

For us, we’re planning on it being business as usual.

  • NOISE: When it comes to noise, we’ll coordinate with our expert builders, Probuild, to ensure this is minimised and managed as much as possible during the construction period.
  • PARKING: Due to construction some car parking areas have been reduced, however, our new multi-level car park which opened in February has 1,150 spaces.
  • ACCESS: As the build progresses access to MCEC will be proactively managed, with tailored solutions in place to help with traffic flow and directions.

For more information on changes to parking and access, visit our getting to MCEC page.


MCEC expansion fast facts:

The MCEC Expansion is set to be completed in mid 2018.

8,500 square metres of glass curtain wall will be installed in the new hotel. That’s enough to completely cover Buckingham Palace.

Five Olympic swimming pools worth of concrete will be placed during the expansion – a total of 13,000 cubic metres.

4,300 tons of structural steel will be erected over the course of the project – that’s the same weight as forty blue whales!

The expansion will add an extra 17,500 square metres of exhibition and adaptable event spaces – that’s three and a half football fields.

Upon completion, MCEC will have over 40,000 square metres of pillar-less exhibition space – Australia’s biggest convention and exhibition centre.

Over 16,000 square metres of roofing panels are being erected over the new exhibition space - enough to cover 100 hockey rinks.

The construction creates more jobs for Melbourne, with the worksite scheduled to peak at 700 personnel on any given day.


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