Aioli Sauce made from garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and egg yolks

AnglaiseMade with cream, vanilla, egg yolks and sugar

AranciniFried rice balls coated in breadcrumbs


BintjeDutch potato variety

Bircher muesliSwiss/German recipe. Muesli is mixed with sweetened yoghurt

BriocheFrench-style bread made with butter and eggs

BrisketCut of beef from the breast or lower chest

Bubble and squeakTraditional English dish of fried vegetables

BurritoMexican dish with ingredients wrapped in a wheat flour tortilla


CassouletRich, slow-cooked casserole originating in the south of France

CharcuterieCold cuts of smallgoods meats

Chat masalaIndian mix of hot and tangy spices

ChevreGoats cheese

Chipotle Smoked chilli pepper

CobblerPastry or crumble crust

CompoteFruit marinated in seasoned sugar syrup

ConfitMeat cooked and preserved in its own juices

Cornichons Small, tart, gherkin pickles

CotechinoItalian-style sausage similar to salami that is poached for several hours

Croque monsieur A grilled ham–and-cheese sandwich, originating in France as a snack food

Cumberland sausageEnglish-style pork sausage


DaubeStyle of braised beef

DukkahMiddle Eastern toasted spice mix with pistachio and sesame seeds


Eggs en CocotteBaked egg with gruyere cheese


FondantPotato baked in butter and stock

FrittataItalian-style omelette similar to a crustless quiche

Fromage blancFrench term for white cheese


Gypsy hamType of smoked leg ham


Heirloom vegetableOld variety (as distinct from modern varieties bred for mass production)

HojichaJapanese green tea roasted over charcoal


JamonSpanish-style dried ham


Kalamata olivesBlack olives originating from Greece

Khao padThai fried rice

KoftaStyle of Middle Eastern meatball usually served on a skewer


LabnaSoft cheese made from yoghurt

LamingtonAustralian cake of sponge coated with chocolate and desiccated coconut


ManjariSingle-origin Madagascar 64% dark chocolate

Masala spiceA fragrant blend of spices from northern India

Mee kra thiA Thai dish containing minced chicken, coconut, rice-stick noodles, tomato and bean shoots

Mesclun Mix of salad leaves


Nam prikSpicy chilli dressing from Thailand


OkonomiyakiTraditional Japanese savoury pancake

Olive gravelDehydrated Kalamata olives ground down to create a gravel-like texture

Orecchiette pastaSouthern Italian pasta shaped like a small ear


Pane rollsItalian-style bread roll

Panna cottaItalian cooked cream that is set

ParfaitType of frozen mousse

Parmigiano reggianoParmesan cheese: a hard, granular cheese named after regions in Italy

PastizziSavoury pastry from Malta

Pedro XiménezAn intense, sweet, dark sherry produced from the white Spanish grape variety of the same name

PideStyle of Turkish flatbread filled with minced meat or vegetables

PiperadeDish prepared with onion, green peppers and tomato

PolentaGround maize


QuinoaSouth American grain


Ras el hanoutSpice mix from North Africa

RaguItalian term for a meat-based sauce similar to a stew

RemouladeFrench-style mayonnaise-based sauce


SalsaMixture of tomato, chilli, red onion and lime

SamosaIndian fried savoury pastry

Shiso leavesAn Asian herb belonging to the mint family

Soubise sauce – A creamy onion sauce, made by adding onion puree to Béchamel sauce


Tartare sauceCreamy mayonnaise sauce with capers

TatakiJapanese method of preparing meat where it is lightly seared, marinated, sliced thinly and served with a citrus-soy dipping sauce

TerrineMeat and vegetables pressed into a loaf and served cold, similar to a pate   

TianDish that is layered or made into a stack

TobikoJapanese fish roe

TomatilloA Mexican green tomato

Tortilla de patatasType of Spanish omelette


Valrhona Luxury French chocolate

Vierge salsa – French sauce of olive oil, lemon juice, fresh tomato and basil that translates literally as ‘virgin sauce’


WagyuJapanese breed of beef


YakitoriJapanese-style grilled chicken skewers. The term ‘yakitori’ can also refer to skewered food in general

YuzuA citrus fruit from eastern Asia

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