Live music has a new home at MCEC
MCEC has elevated its presence in the live music scene with a new product offer for concert promoters. Our exhibition bays have been reimagined with staging, lighting, and audio to bring live music events to life.

Taking up to 3000 general admission ticket holders, the space gives touring companies another venue option in the heart of Melbourne.

Promotional support

We want you to fill the house, and can assist with pre-event promotion through our onsite and digital channels.

Merchandise stands and Box Office

Your event is shaped by you every step of the way, which includes the setup of your merchandise stand and box office. The space is only limited by your imagination, and unlike other venues we don’t take any commissions on merchandise or ticket sales. You’re also able to choose your own ticketing provider.

Event planning

A member of our event planning team will partner with you from start to finish, they will be your main point of contact to provide ideas, answer questions and keep things moving – so you can relax knowing your event is in safe hands.