NOTES: This is not a WFFM form, this is using the Built in Experience forms in Sitecore 9. Some things may be the same, but I wouldn't count on it without checking. OTHER NOTES:

I've just dumped one of each of the built in controls onto the page, let us know if you require anything specific

Each of these text fields is embedded by default in a <p> tag, however it can be changed to one of the following: p, h1-h6, span, label

FYI: Each of these text fields can have a custom css class applied to it by the form designer. (on second thought, this applies to most items)

Text box has placeholder text turned on, and is a mandatory field. it has a max length of 10 chars. Validation should occur on this field.

This one is the same as above, but without all the validation, and it has a default value

number range for this field is 0-10

Basically a text box, This field will validate email address format

This is bsically a text box, Will validate a phone number.

Ungrouped checkboxes.

Not sure if this date picker is supposed t phave a drop down box associated with it,

These should be mostly self explanatory.

Password fields. just textboxes that you cnnot read.