Meet myMCEC

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre’s (MCEC) Business Innovation team is the dynamic driver behind many new projects, processes and ideas within the business. One of these is the newly launched myMCEC, an industry-leading online portal, which offers MCEC customers a seamless experience when organising an event. We had a chat with the team to find out more about how this exciting project came about…

Who are you and what was your role in the myMCEC project?
We are the business innovation team – we had two roles in the project, we conducted design thinking workshops to identify the scope required for the product, as well as the project management of the project .

What prompted MCEC to create a customer portal? 
We conducted a Customer Journey piece across our business which identified what our customers’ expectations are and what were their pain points. This insightful piece allowed us to do some assumption crushing on what we believed, as well as to ideate what we could do to change our customers’ experiences.

Have you done anything like this before?
We have implemented software products within MCEC and are involved in innovation across the business but this joint co-creation and collaboration with our customers and Ungerboeck using the design thinking methodology was a first for us.

Who is Ungerboeck?
Ungerboeck Software are the supplier of EBMS (Event Business Management Software) which is the centralised database system used by MCEC and many venues globally to manage their entire events business.

What was the process?
Once Ungerboeck were on board we were able to conduct ideation by using their customer insights and the capability of the system to form a solid scope. We also invited our customers to design the product with our dedicated project team. Within a week we had designed wireframes supporting our scope. Throughout the design process we continually tested with our customers and team to ensure that we were creating a product that they wanted. This collaborative approach worked really well for us and ensured we released a customer centric product.

What features does myMCEC offer?
myMCEC allows customers to:
- Review and upload important documents tailored to their event including: the initial proposal, event plan and floor plans.
- View tasks requiring completion and receive email reminders when an important milestone is happening.
- Allocate tasks to other team members.
- See key MCEC contacts.
- Make payments securely.

How will the customer ultimately benefit from myMCEC?
myMCEC offers a centralised location for all event documentation and planning requirements, which can be accessed at any time, on any device.

Things you would do differently?
Earlier promotion – we should have been bragging about this a year ago!

What’s next?

Lots – we are lucky at the MCEC that we foster an innovative culture and have great people with great ideas. Through our THINK program we ensure that we capture all ideas, whether they move forward or not. We maintain a “THINK Tank” that we can refer to if a pain point arises or customer insights are identified, as there is a good chance that we may already potentially have a solution for it.