Dessert Day with MCEC Executive Pastry Chef Alessandro Bartesaghi

To celebrate Dessert Day on October 14 we’ve asked MCEC Executive Pastry Chef Alessandro Bartesaghi to create one of our most popular desserts from the kitchen, a Warm Dark Chocolate Cake with salted hazelnut and local fresh berries. Here is the recipe you can follow at home. We can tell you from experience it is delicious, enjoy!

Make 10 portions

Chocolate and olive oil cake
Olive oil 147g
Cocoa powder 53g
Hot water 133g
Almond meal 160g
Bicarb 2g
Salt 2g
Caster sugar 192g
Large eggs 3


  1. Mix cocoa powder with hot water to make a paste.
  2. Combine almond meal with the bicarbonate of soda and salt.
  3. Put the sugar, olive oil and eggs into the bowl of a freestanding mixer with the paddle attachment and beat together vigorously for about 3 minutes.
  4. Turn the speed down a little and pour in the cocoa mixture, beating as you go, and when all is scraped in you can slowly tip in the ground almond meal.
  5. Pipe into mould and bake at 170c fan forced for 40 mins.

Soft caramel centre
Caster sugar 56g
Cream 115g
Glucose 39g
Salted butter 25g
70% dark chocolate 25g


  1. Cook sugar dry to 185c
  2. Deglaze with boiling cream, glucose and salt.
  3. Cook again to 107c
  4. Cool to 65c and add the chocolate.
  5. Make an emulsion.
  6. Cool to 40 and add the butter and emulsify.

Salted hazelnut
Caster sugar 35g
Hazelnut 68g
Water 15g
Salt 2g


  1. Boil water and sugar, add roasted hazelnuts.
  2. Cook stirring until the sugar crystalize around the hazelnuts.
  3. Place on a tray to cool down.


  1. Temper some dark chocolate, spread into a thin sheet and cut with a round cutter, slightly bigger than the cake.
  2. Bake the cake and remove the centre using a small melon baller.
  3. Pipe some tender caramel in the middle.
  4. Place the cake in the oven to warm up.
  5. Crush some hazelnut and place them on the cake.
  6. Cover with a dark chocolate disk. The disk will melt on the cake.
  7. Combine strawberry and raspberry and place into the plate.
  8. Place the warm cake on top, and scoop your favourite ice cream.