Introducing the best team in the digital event business

Hosting hybrid events can be complex, with many moving parts in the venue and online.

Hosting hybrid events can be complex, with many moving parts in the venue and online. MCEC is a one-stop-shop for hybrid events. Our award-winning team can simplify the process and give you access to everything you need under one roof. So you have one event partner rather than multiple contractors, and confidence that every detail is taken care of.

As Jake Maxwell, MCEC Multimedia Specialist highlights, when you host a hybrid event at MCEC, you get the best of all worlds. “We’ve certainly got the spaces and the technology – with flexible staging options, high quality HD streaming and broadcast technologies, and one the world’s leading digital events platforms. But more importantly, we have the expertise. Technology is the vehicle for delivery, but it’s the people who bring events to life and our team has the skills and experience to make every event exceptional,” he said.

Meet the team

  • Sales Team – is your first point of contact when you enquire about or begin planning an event. The team has extensive event operations experience and technical knowledge, so there’s no better place to start.
  • Digital Event Manager – your dedicated digital events expert, here to guide you through everything our digital event platform can offer and make sure you’re making the most of every moment. They’ll partner with you from start to finish to ensure a seamless, hassle -free digital event experience from concept and planning right through to follow-up and feedback.
  • Technology Planner – will show you what’s possible in our physical spaces and partner with your digital event manager to manage your online experience. They will walk you through our staging spaces, explain the equipment and how it can be used to elevate your event.
  • Technical Team – includes lighting, vision, audio, rigging and multimedia specialists who will set up your event, and a broadcast director and production specialists who will take charge of the video streaming to ensure a high quality, hitch-free viewing experience.
  • Technology Delivery Manager – your go-to expert during your event. They’ll work closely with you and your entire team of specialists to manage the delivery of the technical aspects of your event.

Lots of specialists, but a one team approach. That means everyone works together, hand in hand on the floor, to ensure seamless delivery of your event.

Our team is your team

At MCEC we approach events as a partnership. We work with you from idea to delivery, developing solutions that address your specific needs.

Our team can manage every aspect of your hybrid event, from pre-recording, studio set up, platform content design and branding, through to event broadcasting, use of digital engagement and networking tools, and leverage of digital event analytics.

Our speakers prep service provides in-person or online sessions with a technician to help speakers prepare and test their presentation before recording or broadcasting. We also offer a secure, central place to store and upload their presentation.

We are there to support remote attendees. We can provide online instructions, conduct pre-event run throughs on the digital platform, and provide support through live chat and phone contact.