What you can do to keep our community safe

Stay at home if you are feeling unwell and get tested if you have any symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Adhere to physical distancing measures.

Practise good hand hygiene and sneeze or cough into a tissue or your elbow.

MCEC encourages all visitors download the COVIDSafe app to enhance contact tracing while at the venue and beyond.

Our VenueSafe measures

  • Getting here
    Public transport
    Please refer to Public Transport Victoria for the most up to date advice on using trams, trains and bus services. Please plan your trip allowing ample travel time as increased safety measures may impact your journey.

    Click here to plan your journey to MCEC.

    Increased safety measures have been introduced to MCEC’s car parks including:
    - Contactless payments
    - Cleaning and sanitisation of touchpoints

    Click here for more information on our carparks.
  • Event only access
    • MCEC is only open to events and visitors in attendance. It will not be possible to use MCEC as a public thoroughfare to the surrounding precinct.
    • Entry and exit points have been reduced to allow for entry screening.
    • Building access will vary, your event organiser will provide information on the best entrance for your event.
    • The Exhibition Centre car park will still be available for use. Access for general car park users who are not attending an event will be limited to Car Park Door 1.
  • Health, sanitisation and cleaning
    • Entry screening points will be located at all MCEC entry and exit points, this includes hand sanitising and temperature checks prior to entry for all visitors, customers, employees and contractors.
    • Sanitisation stations containing at least 60 per cent alcohol have been distributed across MCEC at key entry points, customer service desks and other high traffic areas.  
    • Frequency of routine cleaning has increased across the venue and the sanitisation of high frequency touch point areas is a priority.
    • MCEC has developed an escalation flow chart to respond appropriately to Employees and Visitors who present with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). This is detailed in MCEC's VenueSafe Plan.

  • Physical distancing measures

    Prominent on-site signage has been placed in high traffic flow areas to remind visitors of the 1.5m physical distancing rule.

  • Safe food and beverage service

    We have adapted our food and beverage offerings to provide a safe and secure environment for our visitors and employees. Some changes include:

    • Plexiglass barriers are in place at all MCEC food and beverage service areas.
    • All take away items available to purchase from our cafés will be individually packaged and served to you.
    • All lounges and dining areas have been set in-line with physical distancing measures between each table/couch/lounge in all seating areas.
    • Gloves are continued to be worn by employees who require them to do their jobs, such as food handlers.
    • MCEC’s three cafés have been cashless since July 2019 and MCEC has extended this practice to event specific food and beverage services including pop-ups and kiosks.

    Additional hand washing and sanitisation stations with signage in all designated catering areas.
    Seating areas set in line with physical distancing guidelines.
    Staggered break times to allow limited capacity at all catering areas.
    Tailored menus to offer additional styles of meal service.

    In addition to our Food Safety Plan our Kitchen Team is taking extra precautions which is detailed in the MCEC VenueSafe Plan.

  • Facilities and accessibility

    MCEC recognises the importance of ensuring that MCEC is an accessible venue for people with disabilities and works to ensure all business practises do not exclude people with a disability from accessing events or employment opportunities. MCEC’s approach is unchanged by the current coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.

    The frequency of cleaning and disinfecting restrooms has increased across the venue.

    MCEC advises visitors maintain physical distancing in lifts and lift waiting areas. Using escalators or stairs is the recommended alternative to lifts, where practicable.

    Cloaking services
    MCEC’s cloaking service will remain available at the MCC Customer Service desk for the convenience of visitors. Employees assisting guests with cloaking services adhere to best practice hand hygiene and are provided with any required PPE to reduce risk. Employees will ensure that personal belongings such as clothing and bags are spaced at a safe physical distances.

    Parent’s rooms and prayer rooms
    The frequency of cleaning and disinfecting our parents' rooms and prayer rooms has increased.

  • Conditions of entry
  • Where can I find more information?

    Please visit the Department of Health and Human Services website for the latest advice on the measures in place in Victoria to help slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). 


    Victorian Government updates

    Department of Health and Human Services


    Australian Government updates

    Department of Health


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