Attending an event in Plenary or Goldfields Theatre - Frequently Asked Questions

Our theatres are unique spaces and have specific entry requirements to ensure everyone enjoys themselves, and are safe.


  • Can I bring a bag in?

    Only small handbags can be brought in to Plenary and Goldfields Theatre. We classify small bags as no larger than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm (or standard handbags).

    If you have to bring a large bag you can store it at one of our cloakrooms. Cloakrooms close 30 minutes after the end of the event. We will not hold your items overnight, so you must pick them up before the facility closes.

  • Can I bring food and drinks in?
    Limited food and beverage is permitted in to these spaces. Hot food, glass and cans are not permitted.
  • Can I take a glass of wine or beer in?
    No, glass and cans aren’t allowed in for safety reasons. Drinks can be decanted into a plastic cup for many events.
  • Can I bring a small baby/child with me?
    When bringing children please consider the interests and enjoyment of everyone attending.. As a general rule children over two year of age require a ticket.
  • Can I bring a banner or flag?
    For most events large flags, banners and selfie sticks aren’t allowed in. These items can be cloaked in our complimentary cloakroom.
  • Can I stand and dance?
    Yes. At most events you’re allowed to stand at your ticketed seat. Please be respectful of the people around and behind you. Don’t stand on seats, in walkways, stairways, gangways or aisles. And please don’t climb, crowd surf or mosh.
  • If I am late, will I be allowed in once the show has started?
    For some events you can’t enter until there’s a suitable break in the performance. It depends on the event promoter. 
  • What time do the doors open?
    Generally, doors open 30 minutes before the event or performance begins.
  • I would like to meet the artist can you arrange anything
    Unless you have purchased a VIP meet and greet ticket unfortunately we cannot facilitate this.
  • How do I find my seats?
    Plenary and Goldfields Theatre are multi-function spaces and the layout of seats can be different for every show. The key to finding your seat is the door number on the ticket. Proceed to the correct door number and our Customer Service team will direct you to your seat.
  • Do you have allocated standing spaces?
    Everyone will have an allocated seat, we do not allow patrons to stand in the aisles or stairs.
    Some events may have General Admission, which is standing only on the ground floor.
  • I am attending an unallocated seating event can I reserve seats for my friends?
    No, seats for unallocated events are on a first come first serve basis. If you want to sit with your friends as a group you will have to enter together at the same time.