As a venue only, we do not handle the management of tickets to shows, concerts and events at the venue and unfortunately cannot help with ticketing enquires.

If you are having issues or enquiries about:
The purchase of tickets
Seating maps
Tickets not printing
Misplaced tickets
Companion Cards

Contact the authorised ticket issuer from where you purchased your tickets.


  • I have heard about an event at the MCEC but cannot find any details?
    If the event is not on our website it may mean that the event is yet to be formally confirmed, the event organiser does not wish to list their event on the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre website, or the event organiser is in the process of listing it on the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre website.
  • Can you provide me with a seating map and advice on the best available seats?
    The configuration of spaces changes from event to event. You will need to contact the authorised ticketing agent for specific details and seating plans. Our Customer Service team cannot provide advice on seating plans.
  • Where is the box office situated?
    We do not have a permanent Box Office. The location of the temporary Box Office will vary between events and will only be open on the event day/night, usually an hour prior to the start time. When you arrive at the venue one of our Customer Service team will be able to direct you to the Box Office.

    The Box Office will only be able to assist patrons who have purchased tickets via the authorised ticket seller.
  • Can I buy accessible seats in the Plenary, Goldfields Theatre and Clarendon Auditorium?
    Our theatres have several accessible spaces for wheelchairs next to a carer’s seat. You will need to contact the authorised ticketing agent to make a booking.
  • How can I check if the ticket seller is authorised?
    If the event is listed on the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre website, a link to the authorised ticket seller will be provided.
  • Can I buy tickets from resellers?
    If you attend an event with a ticket purchased via an unauthorised seller you may be refused entry to the event. The Box Office will not be able to assist with any ticket issues arising from tickets purchased via a reseller.
  • Do I need to print a ticket?
    We recommend you check with the authorised ticket seller as many accept e-tickets on a mobile phone. TIP: Please have your screen brightness set to the highest level when using phone tickets and have your phone ready before you get to the door.
  • I have booked a general access seat, but now need an accessible access seat
    You must contact the authorised ticketing agent to arrange an accessible seat. Please do this before the event, as it may not be possible to arrange on the day.