Making every event count
Customers are at the heart of everything we do. They influence our products, improve our services and shape what we deliver at MCEC. It’s our customers’ expectations that challenge us to continually innovate and think outside the box. Whether we’re sourcing the latest technologies from around the world or locally farmed produce from down the road, our vision at MCEC is to create an environment that continually inspires and excites. So when any one of our 2.5 million visitors drops by, our team is always on hand to make the experience a memorable one.
As one of the largest pieces of public infrastructure in Victoria, our goal is to help positively shape the future through sustainable business practices. We’re continually developing new ways to reduce our environmental impact and implement initiatives that benefit both our customers and our planet.
By partnering with some of Australia’s leading charities across health, housing and food sustainability, we believe we can make a real impact to people in need.

We value our long-standing relationships with Launch Housing and OzHarvest and are proud to provide ongoing support to kids in need through the Starlight Children’s Foundation, Variety – The Children’s Charity and the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

Bringing new ideas to life

We’re constantly applying our expertise in the events space to develop new products and services, taking our customers’ experiences to a whole new level.

We create and invest in leading innovations across all areas of our business by collaborating with experts from around the world.

From the latest in event technology to ground-breaking design and architecture, we’re going to continue asking questions and taking creative risks - to deliver more exciting opportunities for you and your guests.

Food & Drink

Spectacular food for every occasion
Our food is a celebration of Melbourne in every sense. Vibrant, diverse and bold.

You’ll find that every dish, from the traditional to the experimental, is a reflection of the culture, creativity and quirkiness inherent to our city. We have designed our menu planning guides to suit a range of different events to make catering for your guests as easy as possible. So whether you’re hosting a breakfast, a dinner or something in between – we’ve got everything you need to help your event stand out.
Our hands-on approach
When it comes to producing great food, our chefs like to take a very hands-on approach. That’s why almost everything we create, from the refreshments in our cafés to the dishes at our events is crafted in-house and shaped by hand using the finest quality, locally sourced ingredients.
Food to suit everyone
We don’t believe specific dietary requirements should stop your guests from receiving exquisite food. Whatever your guests’ dietary needs, our skilled chefs can prepare dishes that have the same quality, look and taste as other guests so everyone leaves satisfied. Many of our menu options can be made gluten or dairy free upon request.
Our Suppliers

Our team regularly visits local farmers and producers across Victoria to find the freshest seasonal produce. We also visit Victoria’s finest wineries to select what makes our wine list. By choosing local, we’re supporting the growth of small businesses, decreasing our food miles and putting Victorian producers on the world stage for visitors like you to enjoy.