Why Virtual Event Rehearsals Matter?

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One of the biggest reasons event organisers hesitate to choose a virtual or hybrid format for their events is the looming threat of event day hiccups, particularly when working with presenters who are unfamiliar with the format. A virtual event rehearsal is a great way to not only smooth out any wrinkles in your technology or connectivity, but also to garner a holistic overview of how your event will run and ensure the content is delivered to maximum effect.

Get a fresh perspective. Audience experience should be at the centre of everything you do, and ensuring your attendees are connected and engaged is a solid first step on the road to a successful, high-impact virtual event. Rehearsing your event gives you the opportunity to see things from an audience point-of-view and make changes that may improve their experience.

Zoom for improvement? Keep in mind a rehearsal will likely be the first time your production team sees the event content in detail. They may be able to offer helpful suggestions for staging and presenting your event to maximise engagement and make the content shine.

Teamwork makes the dream work. For events that feature multiple speakers and presenters – some or all of whom may be dialling in remotely – a rehearsal is a great opportunity to check there’s no overlap or undesirable repetition in planned content, that the overall messaging is on point and that speaker transitions/handoffs run smoothly.

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