Our food
At Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, we proudly design, create and deliver an extraordinary culinary experience for every guest, every time.
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Our food philosophy
Vibrant, diverse, bold, delightful – our menu celebrates Melbourne. From the classics to cutting-edge, each dish brings a flavour of our city’s distinct culture and character.
Artisans and innovators

Our chefs stand out in a city that is famous for exceptional food. They craft unique and memorable menus, from grab and go gourmet to sophisticated dining. Every dish is original, prepared in-house and by hand.

Quality and sustainability

Our people are passionate about quality and sustainability. We source only the finest and freshest seasonal produce from Victoria’s renowned farmers and producers. We support home-grown, so we can show off our local riches and reduce our carbon footprint at the same time.

Unforgettable experiences

We take food seriously. We also like to have fun with it. So, whatever the event, we design and deliver unforgettable menus and dishes that will have people talking long after the last bite.

Our suppliers
Our team regularly visits local farmers and producers across Victoria to find the freshest seasonal produce. We also visit Victoria’s finest wineries to select what makes our wine list. By choosing local, we’re supporting the growth of small businesses, decreasing our food miles and putting Victorian producers on the world stage for visitors like you to enjoy.