Clarendon Auditorium and Foyer

From educational lectures to keynote speakers, Clarendon Auditorium and Foyer is the perfect venue for your next presentation. The auditorium’s spacious seated theatre comes with the latest technology and stage lighting included as part of the room, while the open foyer provides optimal space for your guests to mingle, eat and drink before or during your event.


  • Black Lectern with LCD preview screen and microphones
  • Presentation computer with internet access
  • High Definition projector and widescreen projection surface (4.6m x 2.6m)
  • Vision control system
  • Speech and multimedia PA system
  • Audio control system
  • Presenter and stage lighting

Note: This space requires a minimum of one MCEC operator.

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Clarendon Auditorium
Clarendon Auditorium Foyer
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