Convention Centre Foyer

  • Plenary 1 Foyer:
    469 sqm
  • Plenary 2 Foyer:
    898 sqm
  • Plenary 3 Foyer:
    1069 sqm
  • Entire Foyer:
    2,655 sqm

The Convention Centre foyer provides a functional space for exhibitions, registration desks, special dinners and cocktails. With its sky-high windows and panoramic views of the Yarra River, your guests will be in awe before they’ve even stepped through the door.



  • Flexible space for exhibitions, merchandise or catering
  • Floor pits containing power and data
  • Lots of natural light



  • Use your mouse to turn 360 degrees in whichever direction you wish to look.
  • Click on the pin drop icons to proceed to a new location
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