Entire Plenary

  • Theatre:
    5,564 people
  • Theatre sub-divided:
    2,409 people
  • Theatre exclude balcony:
    3,892 people
  • Classroom:
    846 people
  • Cocktail:
    1,500 people
  • Banquet:
    1,270 people
  • Cabaret:
    1,016 people
  • Foyer space:
    2,655 sqm

Plenary is without doubt the centrepiece of MCEC. Its unparalleled versatility means it can accommodate events from single-speaker presentations to full-scale stage productions. Its ingenious design means that blinds can be lowered at the rear to create a more intimate setting in an acoustically self-contained space.



  • Ideal for large events
  • Dressing rooms, a green room and VIP suites
  • Standing and seated set-up available
  • Large connected foyer space
  • In-venue signage and branding opportunities



  • Intelligent lectern with inbuilt LCD preview monitor and microphones
  • Ultra High Definition Projector
  • Widescreen projection surface
  • Supplementary LED screens
  • Vision control system with 2x Presentation Computers
  • Speech and multimedia PA system
  • Audio control desk
  • Presenter and stage lighting


Note: This space requires a minimum of two MCEC operators.



  • Use your mouse to turn 360 degrees in whichever direction you wish to look.
  • Click on the pin drop or door icons to proceed to a new location
Room floorplans:
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