Plenary 2

  • Theatre:
    2,468 people
  • Theatre sub-divided:
    1,222 people
  • Theatre exclude balcony:
    1,806 people
  • Classroom:
    348 people
  • Cocktail:
    833 people
  • Banquet:
    510 people
  • Cabaret:
    408 people
  • Foyer space:
    898 sqm

Home to some of the world’s greatest minds, Plenary is an architectural marvel and the centrepiece of our venue. Its world-renowned design gives you the versatility to shape the space exactly to your liking, with fully automated retractable seats and adjustable soundproof walls. Located in the Convention Centre, Plenary provides your delegates and speakers with easy access to neighbouring meeting rooms, exhibition spaces, a banquet room and on-site accommodation.



  • Ideal for large events
  • Dressing rooms, a green room and VIP suites
  • Standing and seated set-up available
  • Large connected foyer space
  • In-venue signage and branding opportunities



  • Intelligent lectern with inbuilt LCD preview monitor and microphones
  • Ultra High Definition Projector
  • Widescreen projection surface (10.6 x 6.0m)
  • Vision control system with 2x Presentation Computers
  • Speech and multimedia PA system
  • Audio control desk
  • Presenter and stage lighting


Note: This space requires a minimum of two MCEC operators.



  • Use your mouse to turn 360 degrees in whichever direction you wish to look.
  • Click on the pin drop or door icons to proceed to a new location
Room floorplans:
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