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Host your virtual event seamlessly with MCEC
Bringing your event to an audience virtually can be daunting, especially if you don't have the expertise or knowledge to know how to make it a success. According to Event Manager Blog, almost 60 per cent of event professionals feel less than comfortable with virtual event technology.

At MCEC, we provide you the support every step of the way to make you feel at ease with virtual event technology.

Hosting your virtual event with us will give you access to the latest production and streaming technologies, as well as our in-house experts and award-winning technical specialists, all under the one roof. Together, we can help make your virtual event run seamlessly, creating a stand out experience for your audience. Whether you want to host a conference, a ticketed event, launch a new product or organise a virtual gala dinner, you're in the right place.
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Our online events expertise includes:

High quality production

Design your event using the latest technology to enhance your message in a creative way - staging, lighting, sound, video encoding and recording.

Secure cloud services

Benefit from incredibly high speed internet to deliver ultra-reliable video stream at any scale with advanced privacy controls.

Customisable platform

We can design your custom-branded event page (micro site) or embed the stream to your own website. Features include live rewind, Q&A module, sponsor opportunities, and more.

The right team

Our award-winning, in-house technical team have experience putting together unforgettable experiences for everything from intimate gala dinners, to rock concerts and live performance.

You'll benefit from the highest quality production which comes with many advantages including trained operators with experience in virtual events using industry leading equipment, ensuring that your stream doesn’t miss a beat.

We heavily invest in cutting-edge technology every year and our building gives us the ability to meet your needs, no matter the scale.
Your ultimate partner for hybrid events
Most events going forward will have a component of a virtual audience and you may still have a lot of questions when it comes to how these hybrid events run.

By hosting your hybrid event at MCEC, you'll have access to both our celebrated technical expertise for virtual events, along with our acclaimed and awarded food, beverage and customer service offerings on site, bringing the two together seamlessly.


  • Can I create interactive virtual experiences between attendees and speakers?
    Yes. Our platform has a moderated text-based Q&A feature that allows your audience to engage with your speakers in real-time. You can choose to make these comments and questions visible to viewers or just the speaker – the choice is yours.
    Your event can be streamed to multiple platforms at once, and all comments can be brought to the one web chat box to allow questions or comments from the audience wherever they are. 

  • Can I gate virtual sessions based on ticket types?
    Yes. We can control access to content on a per video or per live stream level so that you can have ‘VIP only’ on-demand content or live sessions that only your VIP ticket holders will be able to view.  
  • Can I record my virtual event sessions?
    Yes. We will provide the high definition recording to you, so you can further extend the reach of your of your event, even after it is finished.
  • What analytics can I capture?
    We can provide you with live analytics to give you the insights you need. Find out how many people are watching, what device they are watching from, geographical locations, how long they watched for and more.
  • How is personal information collected, used, stored and disposed of?

    We have a number of options available for securing your data, including:

    • The event organiser collects personal information and passes this onto MCEC in order for individuals to gain access to the virtual events platform.
    • MCEC stores personal information on a secured cloud based virtual events platform which uses AWS (Amazon Wed Services) located in Virginia, USA and Dublin, Ireland.
    • MCEC can provide the event organiser with live analytics to gain insights.
    • After 30 days of a virtual event completion, MCEC securely disposes of personal information that has been collected.
    • De-identified information is analysed by MCEC and shared with event organisers.
    • Additional information regarding MCEC's Privacy Policy can be found on the MCEC website.
  • How secure is my event and data?

    We have a number of options available for securing your data, including:

    • Geographical location allowing only viewers from certain countries or states
    • IP lockout if there is sensitive material and you want to limit the audience to a certain IP address range within your organisation
    • Email address entry by providing us with the email addresses that are approved to watch with password protection.

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